Evans Data Joins the BIZDEVOPS Blog
March 07, 2019
Pete Goldin

Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp, has joined the BIZDEVOPS Blog on DEVOPSdigest.

Garvin is CEO and a Research Director focused on several disciplines. She founded the company in 1998 in order to fill a need for in-depth research into software development trends and adoption patterns amongst developers that was entirely lacking in the industry before Evans Data Corp, and which Evans Data Corp to this day exclusively supplies. Garvin is currently actively involved with Evans Data's international initiatives and is also heading up and directing Evans Data studies on multi-core processing and parallel programming, as well as all development tools and application servers, and cloud computing. She also directs private competitive intelligence studies for clients and advises on tactical marketing to developers.

Evans Data Corporation was created in 1998 to fill the demand for market research, market intelligence, insight, and strategic planning for the Information Technology (IT) and software development communities. Evans Data’ s research focus and global (80 countries) developer panel places us in a unique position, unlike that of any other market research company, to truly understand emerging areas of development, technology plans and adoption, platform and device targets and the impacts of these on product plans and developer relation programs, partners and ecosystems. Evans Data’s services include syndicated bi-annual and tactical primary research based reports, and custom research that includes surveys, focus groups, inquiry, competitive intelligence, benchmarking analysis, and developer relations program consultation.

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