Electric Cloud Introduces ElectricFlow 8.5
October 18, 2018

Electric Cloud announced a new SaaS consumption option for the company's Enterprise SaaS and on-premises Application Release Orchestration (ARO) offering, ElectricFlow.

ElectricFlow now includes a Kanban-style pipeline view, object tagging for custom reporting and enhanced searchability, and CI dashboarding capabilities to track and analyze build processes, failures and successes.

ElectricFlow SaaS allows DevOps teams of all sizes to get up and running without incurring on-premise implementation costs, and gives teams developing cloud-native or serverless applications a way to keep all their development pipelines and tools in the cloud. Most enterprises also have on-premise assets that they need to manage. ElectricFlow SaaS seamlessly connects to on-premise servers and tools to enable deployment automation, pipeline and environment management, and release orchestration inside and outside of the firewall.

"More and more, large enterprises are exploring ways to include cloud-native applications and tool chains in their on-premises digital transformation projects," said Torsten Volk, managing director at Enterprise Management Associates. "It's important for DevOps tools vendors to make their offerings available on a variety of platforms to support those efforts. I'm glad to see Electric Cloud getting ahead of the market with this new release of ElectricFlow."

The new Kanban view in ElectricFlow 8.5 provides a familiar, easy-to-use management and execution view of pipelines, stages and individual tasks on one screen. Connected directly to the automation and orchestration, users can approve and observe release progress with real-time pipeline and application deployment status.

New tagging functionality on all objects allows release managers and product owners to quickly and easily create more granular, real-world reports. Universal data segmentation is now possible across any object type (applications, pipeline stages, environments, etc.) and replaces code-based report creation.

New CI Dashboarding creates data-driven visibility into CI processes and bottlenecks, so that architects and application teams have clear understanding of builds from within the release pipeline. ElectricFlow works with all CI tools, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Git to give teams unprecedented insight into the value, cost and risk associated with every release, eliminating the need for difficult, extensive custom coding with tools like Hygeia.

"This release further solidifies our position as the de facto standard for ARO by doubling down on giving customers the flexibility to unleash the power of ElectricFlow for anyone - wherever and however they need it," said Carmine Napolitano, CEO of Electric Cloud. "This allows us to meet our customers where they are, and simply 'plug-in' unified governance and orchestration across an ever-changing array of tools, stacks, and processes. Adapting to change more quickly than your competition is a competitive advantage, and ElectricFlow eliminates much of the anxiety associated with releasing software when adopting new processes or trying new technologies."

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