Electric Cloud Announces ElectricFlow Winter 2019 Release
February 12, 2019

Electric Cloud announced its ElectricFlow Winter 2019 Release.

The platform now provides persona-based UI enhancements, new pipeline and release automation options, and new service catalog updates to streamline workflow and simplify onboarding to help companies start fast and adapt quickly.

ElectricFlow provides a single unified platform to support all DevOps use cases in one product, including application deployments, pipelines, release management, and DevOps Insight reporting.

ElectricFlow 9.0, introduces a customized user experience for each DevOps role, with persona-based views. This provides a clear separation of duties for all DevOps roles, without requiring multiple products.

Companies of all sizes can now unlock the value of ElectricFlow even faster with a simpler and accelerated onboarding process. In turn, organizations can increase day-to-day efficiency and productivity for IT professionals by making the unified platform more user-friendly and personalized to each team member.

"Whether all companies realize it or not, their ability to prosper (or survive) relies on their ability to deliver high-quality software on business demand," said Carmine Napolitano, CEO of Electric Cloud. "ElectricFlow is purpose-built to help drive business success by helping companies deliver IT in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Our unified solution doesn't create more 'tool silos' within the enterprise, we make our shared DevOps and Continuous Delivery solution approachable for anyone. Connecting human capital to technology and process means that everyone can participate equally in an organization's IT transformation effort."

The new persona-based customizable UI in ElectricFlow enables multiple users within an organization to tailor menus and options to their specific role. Putting this level of control in the hands of each user unlocks the value of ElectricFlow faster and gives everyone real-time access to the exact same information in a way that speaks to an individual's responsibilities.

ElectricFlow now also includes an improved, customizable customer login experience that is more task oriented and intuitive. Users now also have the ability to add bookmarks/favorites for faster access to their desired pages, and easier access to personalized tasks and approvals.

With the addition of new, out-of-the-box release and pipeline templates, onboarding in ElectricFlow has never been easier or faster. Combined with enhanced pipeline and release triggers, the platform automatically kicks off pipelines and releases in a simple, easy way, based on user created events/triggers and code check-ins in Git.

As a way for an enterprise to retain unprecedented insight and control, an "approve by email" feature creates a one-click, secure and convenient solution for gate approvals and manual task completion directly from an email without having to log into the ElectricFlow platform. With RCC date ranges, teams also have the freedom to go back in time to compare releases and trends based on any date range with a user-friendly functionality similar to a DVR service.

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