Electric Cloud Announces ElectricAccelerator 11.0
January 30, 2019

Electric Cloud announced ElectricAccelerator 11.0, a build and test acceleration platform for software delivery.

The new release introduces out-of-the-box support for accelerating embedded Linux builds based on the Yocto project, buildroot and Android platforms. In addition, a new cloud bursting feature for both AWS EC2 and Kubernetes environments enables customers to optimize infrastructure utilization and control costs without compromising performance.

With more and more devices becoming “smart,” even traditional hardware companies are finding themselves competing more at the software level. Electric Cloud’s ElectricAccelerator helps organizations create more time for experimentation and iteration by accelerating build times and shortening QA & security testing cycles.

“In the month of December alone, just 20 of our customers reported saving more than 2 million developer hours on 291,000 builds,” said Eric Melski, Chief Architect for the ElectricAccelerator product. “For these organizations, getting innovation out the door fast matters, and giving teams the time they need to iterate on and test their software before release is also important!”

Businesses using ElectricAccelerator have been able to:

- Shorten AOSP and Linux build times by a factor of 20

- Reduce hardware costs by almost 60 percent by creating a private build cloud

- Dramatically reduce late-stage issues by running tests and security scans more frequently as part of the CI cycle

- Speed up Visual Studio/nmake/cygwin build times by a factor of 20

- Easily migrate build clouds to Amazon EC2, and,

- Replace slow starting VMs with dynamically created containers for each build

The latest release of ElectricAccelerator also adds support of the latest version of Android Pie. Kernel builds and incremental builds are now even faster with this release.

In addition, the platform now supports the following platforms:

- CentOS 7.4 and 7.5 (64-bit)

- Debian 9 (64-bit)

- RHEL 6.10

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