Elastic Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Launches Helm Charts for Elasticsearch on Kubernetes
January 07, 2019

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, has made it possible to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana to Kubernetes in a matter of minutes with Helm Charts (currently available in alpha status).

Elastic also joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), doubling down on its commitment to supporting and promoting open cloud native technologies, and furthering its collaboration with the CNCF community on future development. Elastic is already aligned with the CNCF mission to promote open cloud native technologies. Elastic builds products in an open and transparent way and supports integrations with many key CNCF projects, including Kubernetes and Prometheus. Elastic also has adopted standards promoting vendor-neutral integrations, such as OpenTracing.

The rapid adoption of Kubernetes as the de-facto standard for managing containerized workloads and services has led many Elastic users to deploy Elasticsearch workloads to Kubernetes. Meanwhile, developers are rapidly adopting Helm Charts as a standard way of creating, publishing, and sharing Kubernetes applications. Elastic is launching Helm Charts for Elasticsearch and Kibana to provide a standard, opinionated way to install, configure, upgrade, and run these applications on Kubernetes. This provides users with a set of best practices and templates for deploying Elasticsearch and Kibana along with access to basic free features, such as monitoring, Kibana Canvas and spaces. It’s also easy to upgrade to paid features such as security and machine learning.

"Our goal is to be there for our users wherever they are. Over the last year, we invested heavily in native integration with Kubernetes to be able to easily ship logs, metrics and APM data from services deployed on it. I am happy that we are taking the first steps towards helping users deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana in Kubernetes using Helm Charts" said Shay Banon, founder and CEO at Elastic. "I am also super excited about joining CNCF to further our already strong collaboration with CNCF, and the projects and companies involved in it."

In addition to the introduction of Helm Charts, Elastic has already delivered full integrations with Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing and more. Elastic enables its users to monitor the Kubernetes platform and associated CNCF projects through Kubernetes and Envoy. Users can monitor base services underlying Kubernetes through Traefik and etcd modules, and monitor applications running on top of Kubernetes through auto-discovery of services and via Filebeat and Metricbeat. Elastic also enables users to ingest trace data from applications instrumented in accordance with the OpenTracing standard and ingest metrics from Prometheus via the Metricbeat Prometheus module.

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