DevOps Tools Need to Align with Customer and Business Needs
September 23, 2016

Nicole Bryan

In spite of the increasing adoption of agile and DevOps initiatives, a recent Tasktop survey identified the need for tools — that increase coordination in the software delivery process — to have stronger alignment with customer and business needs.

Tasktop surveyed 120 global IT professionals on their software delivery processes. Results were based upon analysis obtained from its licensed Forrester Modern Application Assessment Tool, which helps organizations evaluate where they fall on the spectrum of modern software delivery, and offers insight into what needs to happen next.

Developers, tech leads, project managers, chief technology officers and other IT titles surveyed reported the following:

■ Only six percent strongly agreed that they could trace the contents of a software release back to business needs or customer satisfaction.

■ Just nine percent strongly agreed that their application development and delivery strategies were aligned with business strategies.

■ And strikingly, a scant 15 percent strongly agreed that their work management tools assist in coordinating the work of the software delivery team satisfaction.

It seems that in spite of a strong industry drive toward being more responsive to the the needs of the business, there are still large gaps in how organizations realize the benefits of the tools they use to support these initiatives.

Nicole Bryan is VP of Product Management at Tasktop
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