DevOps Institute Partners with Top Out Human Capital
October 25, 2021

DevOps Institute announced an exclusive distributor agreement and strategic partnership with Top Out Human Capital to serve as the exclusive distributor in Japan for DevOps Institute certified education partners.

Top Out Human Capital will initially offer three courses of certified training beginning in November 2021 with the goal to have more than 500 certified engineers by December 2022.

Top Out Human Capital's CTO/Director Mr. Katsushi Iiyama, and Talent Development Consultant Ms. Miyuki Ueno, will be the first DevOps Institute Ambassadors represented in Japan.

"Now more than ever, it is essential to create space in which the DevOps community can actively contribute to the advancement of DevOps humans. Through this partnership, we aim to upskill engineers and empower them to help shape the future of IT with the best learning and education resources available. Organizations adopting DevOps need these adoptable skills and competencies in which we aim to supply." said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute.

The curriculum and content provided by Top Out Human Capital in partnership with DevOps Institute is based on research and knowledge from community leaders and subject matter experts with real-world expertise.

"We are pleased to offer for the first time in Japan, a globally recognized portfolio of role-based certifications for DevOps, DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering, and related areas that will help professionals and enterprises to advance their skills, knowledge and learning." said Dheeraj Nayal, Region Head for Japan & Asia Pacific at DevOps Institute.

The following courses are available from DevOps Institute for certification training:

- DevOps Foundation

- DevOps Leader

- DevSecOps Foundation

- Continuous Testing Foundation

- Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation

- Certified Agile Service Manager

- Site Reliability Engineering Foundation

- Site Reliability Engineering Practitioner

- Value Stream Management Foundation

Of the nine courses listed above, the following three courses will be offered first. Top Out Human Capital plans to expand the lineup in the future.

- DevOps Foundation is a foundation-level course to support your digital transformation. Learn about DevOps to support organizational efforts to improve agility, quality, and customer service while reducing costs, and use case studies, real-world success stories and metrics to demonstrate business success. A basic understanding of key DevOps terms will help everyone be able to speak the same language and highlight the benefits of DevOps to support organizational success. Length: two days

- Site Reliability Engineering Foundation introduces the principles and practices that enable an organization to reliably and economically extend its critical services. Implementing aspects of site reliability requires reorganization, new approaches to engineering and automation, and the adoption of a variety of new work paradigms. Focusing on the evolution of SRE and its future direction, this course uses real-world scenarios and case stories to equip participants with the practices, methods and tools to engage people across the organization around reliability and stability. Upon completion of this course, participants will have tangible outcomes that can be used back at the company to understand, set and track Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Length: two days

- DevSecOps Foundation will enable you to learn the purpose, benefits, concepts and vocabulary of DevSecOps, including DevOps security strategies and business benefits. Topics covered in this course include how DevSecOps delivers business value, expands business opportunities and increases enterprise value. The core principles of DevSecOps taught will support organizational change, increase productivity, reduce risk, and optimize the use of resources. Length: two days

The training courses will be offered virtually. In the future, Top Out Human Capital will potentially offer training in a classroom setting or through a hybrid approach in which half the training takes place online and the other half in a classroom. The cost of each exam is included in the course fee. The certification exam can be taken on the last day of the training course period, with the option to bring in the textbook studied.

"... We hope to provide engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance digital transformations and DevOps adoption across Japan," said Daisuke Funato, CEO of Top Out Human Capital.

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