Datical Announces Patent for Database Change Management Simulator
May 30, 2019

Datical announced the issuance of United States Patent number 10,268,709 for its Database Change Management Simulator.

Datical’s patented technology enabes a standard, safe, repeatable and automated process for database releases.

The patented technology proactively forecasts and determines the impact of database schema and stored procedure changes before they are deployed. With Datical’s ability to intelligently analyze pending changes, software teams know how their database changes will affect application performance and security in advance, without actually making changes to the database. Datical’s Database Change Management Simulation involves three phases that help ensure database changes adhere to corporate standards – pre-simulation, simulation and post-simulation.

“Without our patented technology, enterprises either release software slow to reduce risk, or try to release faster and risk application performance issues or even data loss – neither one is a good option,” said Derek Hutson, CEO of Datical. “The pressure is on application teams to deliver high-quality code fast, and it’s also on the database team to make sure its changes are made safely so nothing breaks. With Datical, IT leaders can have both, so they can deliver error-free application experiences faster and safer.”

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