Copado Launches Winter 20 Release
November 06, 2019

Copado announced its Winter 20 release to provide Salesforce customers the fastest path to continuous innovation.

Winter 20 is a 100% native, end-to-end CI/CD DevOps platform for Salesforce, enabling a data-driven DevOps approach. Organizations can now measure the performance of their digital transformation journey with embedded performance metrics, CI/CD best practices, real-time monitoring and team benchmarking using Salesforce Lightning Dashboards and Analytics.

Copado DevOps 360 brings together all the DevOps data from Salesforce into a collaborative DevOps platform that tracks the innovation delivery performance of a Salesforce implementation. With DevOps 360, organizations can gain continuous insights to drive better performance. It allows organizations to break down silos and bottlenecks, enables teams to track their own workstreams, and delivers more predictable, higher quality releases.

Winter 20 offers the first end-to-end CI/CD pipeline for Salesforce. With the new CI/CD Pipeline Manager, Copado delivers unparalleled collaboration across teams. Copado acts as DevOps “air traffic control” with real-time pipeline visualization, pipeline configuration and filters and dynamic scroll.

New continuous integration (CI) features in Copado’s Winter 20 release include:

- Developer Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows developers to work completely within the IDE

- Automatic Merge Conflict Resolution which supports team collaboration, reduces the amount of overwrites and enables easier digestion of metadata

- Metadata Grid Update that allows users to quickly find and select the metadata needed with better filtering and faster operations

Copado added a series of robust continuous delivery (CD) capabilities in Winter 20, providing a new iterative way to both deploy and release specifically for the Salesforce platform. New CD features include:

- Auto Deploy to enable automated and scheduled deployments and back promotions

- Quality Gates to automated tests and manual approvals

- Smart Behaviors to implement default behaviors with overrides as needed

- MD Fast Lane to specify which metadata to expedite and which to inspect

- Next Gen Pipeline View to track movement of changes through the pipeline

- Dynamic Pipeline Editor which only requires two clicks to take any action

- Advanced Data Deploy which enables release managers to deploy complex relational data easily and reliably between Salesforce orgs

“Salesforce will drive huge gains for the economy over the next five years, creating more than $1 trillion in revenues worldwide. The size and scale of Salesforce implementations is booming. For enterprises and systems integrators, operating Salesforce at scale is one of the biggest challenges they face,” said Ted Elliott, CEO of Copado. “Organizations relying on Salesforce as a cornerstone for their digital business projects need performance metrics and an understanding of how they stack up against industry standards -- this requires a true CI/CD process. Winter 20 offers continuous insights into the CI/CD pipeline to drive performance gains without sacrificing quality and security. This release is the most complete, end-to-end CI/CD platform built natively on Salesforce with integrations to the best-in-class DevOps tools and anchored on enterprise class security and compliance.”

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