Copado Announces New Integrations with Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub
June 19, 2019

Copado announced new integrations with Microsoft Azure DevOps and leading development platform GitHub, which boasts more than 30 million users.

Now, Copado enables developers who use GitHub and Azure DevOps in their software development life cycle to create a continuous pipeline of innovation from the Salesforce platform directly to the end customer.

Copado delivers the fastest, error-free cloud deployments for Salesforce customers, achieving continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) via an enterprise-class DevOps platform that is 100% native and fully integrated with the Salesforce Platform. By integrating GitHub, Azure DevOps, and Salesforce, developers can easily track and manage their agile plans and user stories in Azure DevOps, check them in GitHub for version control, and release them into Salesforce faster then ever before.

“GitHub has become the standard for software development collaboration and Microsoft is one of the premier cloud ecosystems in the world, representing hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. It was clear that we needed to support the millions of developers who are employing these tools to deliver better software,” said Federico Larsen, Copado Co-founder and CTO. “Our goal is to make it easier to employ DevOps best practices on the Salesforce platform, regardless of the tools developers are using in their software development process.”

The GitHub integrations allow developers to execute Git operations, such as commits and merges, backup metadata, and track pull requests, review and approvals. In response to Git pushes, Copado can execute Continuous Integration Deployments or any Copado operation leveraging the Copado Webhooks.

Formerly Microsoft VSTS, Azure DevOps allows users to plan, collaboratively code and ship software while supporting a CI/CD approach for any cloud. Copado’s integration with Azure DevOps is bi-directional and Copado is able to retrieve Azure DevOps user stories from specific projects. The integration can be further customized to import epics or sprints, or retrieve user stories using a custom filter.

Copado enables developers to rapidly deploy and update Salesforce applications with pre-built, native capabilities integrated across the DevOps cycle. Teams can collaborate across the release phases and enterprises to quickly scale through continuous integration, testing and delivery. As a result, application onboarding is reduced from months to days.

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