coMakeIT Launches Autotaak ALM
January 31, 2019

coMakeIT announced the launch of Autotaak, its new ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform.

Autotaak is a web-based, integrated ALM platform that enables end-to-end automation of application development to deployment pipeline. This AI-powered platform uses bots to automate all aspects of application lifecycle from product conceptualization, release & sprint planning, to development, integration, testing, and deployment.

The key features and benefits of Autotaak include:

- Plug-and-play integration of software development and delivery tools including Jira, Git Hub, Jenkins, Sonarcube, & Docker

- Comprehensive support for agile workflow management including sprint backlog, planning, & burndown

- Automation of workflow across the application lifecycle including project creation, resource allocation, triggering builds, execution of test scripts, and pushing code to containers

- Dashboard to visualize workflow and application progress in real-time and track key metrics

coMakeIT’s CEO Steven ten Napel stated: “Majority of software businesses struggle with manual processes and lack of integration between development and deployment, which continue to be operational silos. With increasing business demand for continuous releases, software organizations must achieve integration and automation of all processes across the application lifecycle. Autotaak provides AI-powered automation, single-point access to key metrics, and visualized workflow, which enables software businesses to increase their release cadence, reliability, and quality. We have invested significant time and resources in developing Autotaak, to help our customers fulfill their technology and business goals. This is a clear demonstration of our continued commitment to deliver tangible business value and help our customers become better in what they do.”

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