CollabNet VersionOne and ICON Agility Services Introduce DevOps Services Offering for Value Stream Management and Enterprise Business Agility
June 25, 2019

CollabNet VersionOne, along with partner ICON Agility Services, announced a joint services and technology offering to help organizations adopt Value Stream Management and DevOps in the enterprise.

The new service blends ICON's proven Business Agility Strategy consulting framework with CollabNet VerisonOne's Value Stream Management (VSM) platform.

"As DevOps has moved downstream, we also see the need for the Continuous Delivery pipeline to extend to more areas of the business including strategic goals and planning — that is key for achieving business agility," said Eric Robertson, VP of Product Marketing Management at CollabNet VersionOne. "It all starts with the business. In order for a DevOps transformation to take place, organizations are expressing the need for complete visibility to understand the software development and delivery processes and how they correlate with business goals and objectives."

As digital disruption continues, companies need the ability to react faster to customer demands. Value Stream Management (VSM) is a proven approach to rapid software planning and delivery, because it provides the visibility companies need to make rewarding and timely business decisions. Together with CollabNet VersionOne, ICON enables business leaders across IT and operations to look at the entire scope of their software development pipeline, mapping value from planning and development to releasing on-demand.

"There are many challenges for a lean enterprise trying to deliver more value to customers and achieve business outcomes consistently," said Nishant Sasidharan, DevOps and Business Agility Practice Lead at ICON. "Many of the customers we work with face similar challenges. In these organizations, a great amount of work is being done, but is the enterprise happy with the outcomes? Is money being spent well and are they achieving the goals that they defined strategically ahead of time? Too often, the answer is no. This new offering will change that no to a yes."

Working with ICON and leveraging the CollabNet VersionOne VSM platform, organizations will receive the training, coaching and implementation of a DevOps transformation in a customized experience, focused on delivering true business value through outcomes and aimed at achieving long-term, sustainable success.

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