CollabNet Announces VersionOne Lifecycle and Continuum Winter 2018 Release
January 23, 2018

CollabNet announced the VersionOne Lifecycle and Continuum Winter 2018 Release.

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM provides end-to-end enterprise agile lifecycle management that enables teams at all levels — enterprise, portfolio, program, and team — to collaborate, develop, and deliver software faster.

The Winter 2018 release includes the following new features and enhancements:

- Milestones is a simple way to keep key dates, such as industry events or sync points during a PI cadence, visible in your planning process views so that everyone involved remains aware.

- The complex filters users have created on grid views can now be saved with Saved Views for Grids (My Views) providing a simple way to save/recall customized filters on the grid, visible columns, editable fields, and much more.

- New Team Transitions provide even more team autonomy and self-organization by allowing teams to define transitions at the team-level.

VersionOne Continuum is an enterrprise-scale continuous delivery solution for accelerating the speed, reducing the risk and ensuring the quality of complex software deployments.

The Winter 2018 release includes the following new features and enhancements:

- Richer integration with TeamForge SCM allowing users to take advantage of a more streamlined interaction from Continuum to their code repositories.

- An Insights Dashboard that provides a centralized location for all Continuum users development data.

- Package revisions now viewable on the Environment Dashboard providing more insight into what's deployed where, while managing many concurrent projects and deployments.

- Passwords for plugins are now encrypted at rest, providing more security to configuration data on the server with Encrypted Plugin Data.

"Our winter release continues to help organizations achieve end-to-end visibility so they can deliver software faster with reduced risk and confidence," said Flint Brenton, President and CEO at CollabNet. "CollabNet is committed to bringing enterprise software teams together unifying Agile, DevOps, and Source Control lifecycle management."

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