CollabNet Announces New TeamForge Release
March 21, 2017

CollabNet announced a new release of TeamForge, the application lifecycle management (ALM) and collaboration platform that helps organizations create high-quality applications at speed.

Organizations standardize on TeamForge typically to create cohesive software development processes that connect their existing environments, including methodologies, version-control systems and workflows. The platform also helps them scale their use of Agile. This new release increases ease-of-use, expands reporting, increases automation and IP re-use and enhances security. TeamForge is available as an on-premise and a hosted solution. Either way, TeamForge streamlines a range of software lifecycle activities from planning through deployment.

"We take much of the pain out of turning your ideas into software that helps your organization adapt, grow and transform," said Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet.

“Our solutions help customers get better business outcomes. With each new release, we make software development better, faster and easier. We increase collaboration and visibility across teams and processes. You even keep whatever tools you’re using today – we help you get more out of those investments,” said Brenton.

TeamForge lets diverse teams work together in collegial and secure ways no matter how heterogeneous and dispersed their environments are. Regardless of location, they can share expertise and reuse assets, resources and processes in new projects. Users can customize their experiences and fine-tune processes to create a smooth flow of code changes.

This new release demonstrates CollabNet’s continued investment in innovations that help customers create high-quality applications at speed and scale. CollabNet TeamForge 17.1 updates include:

Greater ease-of-use and speed through:
- A redesigned My Workspace, the project-management overview dashboard, including new options for organization/classification and enhanced search.
- In-line editing options in the Code Browser.
- Ability to group related/connected code changes together.
- More powerful code-search functions.

Better decision making through:
- New reporting capabilities to support business initiatives and other stakeholder requirements.

Enhanced security and compliance through:
- Cross-validation with CollabNet EventQ for meeting security and compliance standards.

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