CognitiveScale Collaborates with Red Hat
May 13, 2019

CognitiveScale announced a collaboration with Red Hat to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey with AI.

The collaboration aims to bring the power of open, scalable and trusted AI into IT DevOps by enabling customers using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to develop AI applications using CognitiveScale’s Cortex software.

Built on open and extensible specifications, Cortex simplifies the design, development, delivery and management of enterprise AI applications that get smarter and better with time. In recent tests, Cortex successfully reduced AI development time by 65% and overall DevOps time by 94% through its unique virtualization technology. Cortex’s AI virtualization technology works with any data, any model, anywhere to drive intelligent experiences and process flows, driving scale and ensuring repeatability. Red Hat OpenShift is a comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform that enables developers and IT operators to more quickly build, deploy and manage applications consistently across hybrid cloud infrastructures.

The collaboration is aimed at providing businesses with a faster route to AI-powered innovation and value across hybrid clouds, while preserving existing machine learning, big data and cloud infrastructure investments and avoiding vendor lock-in. By combining CognitiveScale’s Cortex with Red Hat OpenShift, customers can seamlessly integrate, orchestrate and govern different analytical and machine learning model types across cloud environments to create transparent AI systems. Cortex software integrates and extends data science frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and scikit-learn, and includes over 120 data connectors to help customers quickly integrate existing data sources.

CognitiveScale is building Red Hat certified containers using the Red Hat Universal Base Image, enabling developers to more easily access CognitiveScale’s Cortex software across Red Hat’s hybrid cloud technology portfolio, including Red Hat OpenShift, via the Red Hat Container Catalog. By joining Red Hat’s ecosystem of certified container solutions, CognitiveScale’s Cortex gains an avenue to integrate and further accelerate the development of AI systems that can transform customer engagement and enable intelligent business processes.

“We collaborated with Red Hat for the freedom it can give our Cortex customers to more quickly create and release new AI-powered digital services while providing them a vendor and cloud agnostic multi-cloud infrastructure,” said Matt Sanchez, founder and CTO of CognitiveScale. “This shift to software-defined, virtualized AI infrastructure changes how intelligent digital services can be created, operated and controlled, and can alter the competitive dynamics of the industry.”

“AI’s self-learning, predictive and automation capabilities have the ability to accelerate the development of better, more powerful applications. We are excited to be able to extend the functionality of OpenShift into AI deployments across diverse environments,” said Chris Wright, CTO at Red Hat. “This collaboration helps us empower businesses with the tools they can use to improve customer success and engagement through better personalization and process automation.”

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