Clubhouse Releases Enterprise Edition
October 31, 2018

Clubhouse launched its Enterprise Edition offering to offer additional security and support to customers.

Clubhouse released its Standard Edition in 2016, and it is used today by more than 1,000 organizations, including Elastic, FullStory, Glossier, HireVue and LaunchDarkly.

"The options in the software development space for project management tools are limited and often are very complex for teams to use,” said Edwin Yuen, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Clubhouse is a modern project management tool, with both power and simplicity, that users want to use, not have to use."

Project management tools for software development are either too simple and do not scale as teams grow, or they are overly complex to a point where the only choice is to adopt multiple tools and/or project views such as Atlassian’s Trello and Jira. These complex project management tools create silo effects within organizations that minimize collaboration and visibility between engineering teams and the rest of the organization.

Clubhouse successfully bridges collaboration across high-growth businesses. The platform provides a balance of simplicity and structure so product and engineering teams can effectively plan, collaborate, and manage their work across the entire organization and it scales as their teams grow, without friction and bloat to slow them down.

“Our Enterprise launch marks a major milestone as we enable larger software teams to get the metrics that they need, be even more secure, and have access to additional support,” said Kurt Schrader, co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse. “We’re aggressively innovating and advancing our platform to provide an intuitive but powerful experience for our customers so product and engineering teams can build better software, faster.”

From day one, Clubhouse’s philosophy has been to deliver products and features that are simple but powerful enough so teams can focus on what matters – working together to create quality software their customers love. The Clubhouse Enterprise Edition, a highly requested plan type from customers, enables software development teams to build and collaborate at scale by offering the following benefits:

- Enhanced security with SAML Single Sign-On (SSO). Enabled on Clubhouse’s web and mobile apps, users can choose between opting in all or a subset of your users to SSO.

- Robust privacy with closed organizations. Users can protect sensitive information, and who has access to it, by limiting access to stories, epics and milestones to specific organizations.

- Optimized workflow with a dedicated account manager and priority support. Dedicated account managers will provide bi-annual team onboarding and training sessions and Quarterly Business Reviews.

- Annual volume discounts for 100+ users. Users can have unlimited workspaces, observers, integrations, and API access.

- Stream data in real-time (coming soon). Users can connect CIubhouse to their data warehouse for real-time reporting alongside their other business metrics.

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