CloudBees Jenkins Support Released
September 19, 2018

CloudBees announced the general availability of CloudBees Jenkins Support, a subscription service for commercial Jenkins support, a support-only offering for Jenkins users.

Jenkins is an open source automation server. With approximately 62 percent market share and millions of active users around the world, Jenkins is the de facto choice for continuous delivery and DevOps teams. CloudBees has packaged years of Jenkins expertise into CloudBees Jenkins Support. CloudBees engineers contribute about 80 percent of the source code for Jenkins and have led or participated in many important projects within the Jenkins community. Additionally, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO at CloudBees, is the original developer of Jenkins.

Enterprises can now purchase a support-only subscription from CloudBees that enables IT teams to be more efficient with Jenkins. Through its traditional product subscriptions, CloudBees already manages and supports some of the largest and most demanding Jenkins implementations in the world. Given the keen insight, vast knowledge and experience gained over the years, CloudBees has developed an expansive knowledge base and support infrastructure to detect and resolve issues in customer environments, resulting in more stable and compliant Jenkins implementations.

Benefits of CloudBees Jenkins Support Include:

- Technical support and maintenance for Jenkins, backed by an SLA

- Enhanced Jenkins stability

- Risk-free upgrades via CloudBees Assurance Program, a rigorous vetting process to verify Jenkins core and identify CloudBees-certified plugins

- Developer support for Jenkins Pipeline best practices and optimization

- Access to free, self-paced online training to build Jenkins and DevOps mastery

- Assisted Updates, an offering whereby CloudBees gives assistance to the customer for the upgrade of their environment by providing advice, recommendations and insights during the planning phase

- Automated diagnostics service that utilizes the most comprehensive Jenkins knowledge base

- Continuous Delivery Acceleration program, a prescriptive approach to accelerate their continuous delivery journey

“Technical people have long understood that open source software and support are a winning combination,” said Kawaguchi. “Our people know Jenkins the best, bar none, full stop. We've been helping people for years to get the most out of their Jenkins.”

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