CloudBees Announces Commercial Support for Jenkins X
December 19, 2018

CloudBees announced commercial support for Jenkins X.

Jenkins X builds on the success of Jenkins, and offers an easy path to continuous delivery (CD) for cloud native applications deployed to Kubernetes. With today’s announcement, CloudBees now offers the only commercial support for Jenkins X, in addition to its previously announced support for Jenkins.

The Jenkins community is the first to offer a cloud native software delivery platform, purpose-built for developers. Jenkins X offers end-to-end continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery, empowering developers to take advantage of Kubernetes to develop and deploy cloud native applications without having to learn the intricacies of Kubernetes. Using Jenkins X, developers can quickly establish CD best practices for development on all of the popular cloud services via an opinionated workflow that enables environments managed as code, also referred to as GitOps. The power of GitOps allows developers to easily define, manage, deploy and scale environments with full history and traceability. Jenkins X also incorporates wizards to enable teams to “lift and shift” existing applications to a Kubernetes environment.

CloudBees has been investing engineering resources to drive Jenkins X, in conjunction with the Jenkins community. Software delivery teams now have the best of open source with full commercial support.

Key benefits of CloudBees Jenkins X Support include the following:

- Access to the Jenkins X experts at CloudBees, including guidance on how to automate CI/CD pipelines

- Technical support available 24x7

- Access to the CloudBees knowledge base and technical documentation

“Jenkins X and Kubernetes represent a powerful combination for delivering modern cloud applications. Together, this combination is transforming application development for IT teams,” said James Brown, Area VP, Worldwide Customer Success, CloudBees. “Now with the availability of CloudBees Jenkins X Support, developers get the power of open source, backed by full commercial support.”

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