CloudBees Acquires Electric Cloud
April 18, 2019

CloudBees announced the acquisition of Electric Cloud, a provider of continuous delivery and application release automation (ARA). The acquisition of Electric Cloud was completed earlier in April.

This acquisition establishes CloudBees as a provider of end-to-end continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), continuous deployment and ARA.

“As of today, we provide customers with best-of-breed CI/CD software from a single vendor, establishing CloudBees as a continuous delivery powerhouse,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder, CloudBees. “By combining the strength of CloudBees, Electric Cloud, Jenkins and Jenkins X, CloudBees offers the best CI/CD solution for any application, from classic to Kubernetes, on-premise to cloud, self-managed to self-service.”

Electric Cloud enables its customers to take traditional application release delivery and dissolve the barrier between CD and ARA, bringing it into the modern day and marrying support for complex application deployments with the concept of a continuous software delivery pipeline.

With Electric Cloud, CloudBees now integrates the market’s highest-powered set of release management, orchestration and automation tools into the CloudBees Suite, giving organizations the ability to accelerate CD adoption.

Electric Cloud’s products include ElectricFlow and ElectricAccelerator.

- ElectricFlow provides deployment automation, application release orchestration and DevOps insight. ElectricFlow allows teams to control releases at any scale through its ability to quickly implement and share secure, repeatable and adaptable pipelines; deliver unprecedented, automated, actionable insight into the health and status of enterprise releases; and reliably scale as DevOps processes are rolled out across the entire organization.

- ElectricAccelerator helps organizations create more time for experimentation and iteration by accelerating build and test times through intelligent and automatic parallelization of software tasks across physical or cloud CPUs. ElectricAccelerator users increase development velocity by 2-3x and reduce infrastructure costs by 50% or more.

Founded in 2002, Electric Cloud has approximately 110 employees spread across San Jose, California and numerous other locations in the United States and internationally. It is a private company, funded by Rembrandt Venture Partners, U.S. Venture Partners, RRE Ventures and Next47.

Carmine Napolitano, CEO, Electric Cloud. “The combination of CloudBees’ industry-leading continuous integration and continuous delivery platform, along with Electric Cloud’s industry-leading application release orchestration solution, gives our customers the best foundation for releasing apps at any speed the business demands.”

“Having the Electric Cloud offerings under the CloudBees umbrella gives companies a greater ability to manage the delivery of value to customers,” said Christina Noren, CPO, CloudBees. “It’s not just about speed – it’s about delivering business value securely and efficiently with confidence at high speeds. By combining our strengths, we will provide customers with a software delivery system that helps them connect and measure all end-to-end activities, from development all the way through to deployment and release.”

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