Cleo Integration Cloud Platform Winter 2019 Release Available
March 04, 2019

Cleo announced general availability of the Cleo Integration Cloud platform winter 2019 release.

Cleo Integration Cloud is a single-platform ecosystem integration solution available as a service in cloud and on-premise deployments. Its flexible architecture lets companies choose between self-service and managed services models, enabling them to connect, transform, integrate, orchestrate, and analyze end-to-end application, B2B, and data integration flows for improved visibility across business ecosystems.

Companies all over the world use traditional iPaaS technologies or managed integration services for basic point-to-point integrations. Cleo Integration Cloud takes an “outside-in” view of the many-to-many ecosystem interactions required for organizations to scale performance and efficiency, enhance product and service functionality, and structure end-to-end application integrations that increase the value of business relationships.

Traditional integration solutions fall short because enterprises require broader ecosystem integration capabilities as they evolve their business models and keep pace with digital transformation driven by external market forces, such as the explosive growth of e-commerce. As a recent report from Gartner states, “The business ecosystem opens up new markets and customers, new partners and collaborators, and opportunities to create entirely new business models.”

To ensure its customers are ready for the future of ecosystem integration, and positioned to fully operationalize e-commerce revenue streams, Cleo’s latest release expands on a vast library of application connectors to include new e-commerce platforms and digital marketplaces. Additional role-based visibility enhancements empower business and technical users with real-time insight spanning B2B interactions and e-commerce transactions, all in a single view. Overall, this platform update is a significant step forward in helping companies reimagine and remaster frictionless ecosystem integration flows to streamline critical e-commerce business processes, improve trading partner relationships, and expand into new online business models.

Cle Integration Cloud platform winter 2019 release highlights:

- New Connectors to Unlock E-Commerce Opportunities: Cleo has expanded its extensive library of connectors that help businesses connect and integrate SaaS and on-premise applications, data, infrastructure, and storage repositories. The latest additions include connectors for e-commerce applications Amazon Seller Central, Magento, and Shopify, as well as Volusion and BigCommerce, plus traction-gaining ERP connectors for Acumatica, NetSuite, and SAP applications, which enable businesses to orchestrate fluid e-commerce processes to automate data syncing between online storefronts and back-end systems.

- Recent updates to the Cleo Integration Cloud platform help companies seamlessly integrate e-commerce workflows and revenue streams.

- Business User Empowerment: Cleo’s self-service business insights are designed to empower every user, in any role.

- Intuitive, persona-based views provide real-time e-commerce data that’s content-rich and context-aware, so users can easily view, track, and update product, inventory, order, and fulfillment data. By enabling business users to identify what’s on track or at risk, Cleo Integration Cloud provides clear, real-time intelligence into interactions happening across every partner, customer, supplier, and e-commerce system.

Cleo customers can set partner-based privileges to provision operational activity views, providing external customers, suppliers, service providers, trading partners, and internal stakeholders self-service access to business activity views. Such capabilities allow business users and integration professionals to view, interact, collaborate, and take direct action on business and digital selling transactions that impact end-to-end e-commerce processes.

- Next-Generation Managed Services: Traditional managed services approaches are a “black box,” providing users little visibility and control over any aspect of their integration processes. Cleo’s next-generation managed services approach eliminates blind spots to provide greater levels of control and transparency by enabling direct interaction with the integration environment. This centralized support capability empowers users to reprocess e-commerce transactions and optimize exceptions directly, without added services costs.

- Faster Issue Resolution: For those whose roles require deeper technical or transactional context, Cleo Integration Cloud enables users to quickly and accurately resolve time-sensitive e-commerce application and EDI integration issues using quick-read message boards presented as side-by-side panels. Now technical users can interact with integration flows and resend or reprocess transactions fast, and with pinpoint accuracy – saving time and money.

“With our latest platform innovations, Cleo customers can achieve better business outcomes to support their e-commerce initiatives by using a single platform for all of their ecosystem integration needs,” said Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan. “The many new and enhanced capabilities elevate Cleo’s ability to help our customers create value through frictionless ecosystem interactions and more dynamic end-to-end business processes. We are continuing to push forward on our vision of an intuitive, consolidated, and seamless platform for B2B, application, and data integration.”

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