Cequence and Singularity Partner on API Security
June 17, 2024

Cequence announced a new partnership with Singularity Tech, an Australia-based professional services company with expertise in APIs and DevOps.

This collaboration delivers a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to conquer challenges associated with leveraging an ever-increasing number of applications to drive our organizations forward. Handling API sprawl, navigating compliance complexities, and seamlessly bridging the gap between critical security needs and available technical resources is no small feat.

Today’s partnership brings together Singularity's expertise and Cequence's Unified API Protection (UAP) platform empowering clients to confidently navigate the complexities of API discovery, risk assessment, governance, and threat protection. The new partnership enables clients to leverage market-leading tools, industry experts, and rigorous processes for reliable delivery of a complete and continuous API lifecycle management solution. The six stages of the Continuous API Protection lifecycle that every organization should adopt to securely protect their APIs are:

1) Discovery: Continuous evaluation of an organization’s API attack surface and discovering unknown or shadow APIs implemented without security oversight.

2) Inventory: Compilation of Discovered endpoints, and both managed and unmanaged APIs, providing security teams and analysts with a single cohesive view of their enterprise's API Inventory.

3) Compliance: Ensure that your APIs are compliant with the organization’s security policy and industry best practices that include data governance, access control, API specification conformance, and visibility into where your API map relative to the OWASP API Security Top 10.

4) Detection: Detect real-time API threats that target applications without the need for mobile SDK, JavaScript, or app instrumentation, allowing new APIs to be onboarded within minutes rather than days or weeks.

5) Prevention: Provide real-time inline prevention and mitigation of API attacks that target mission-critical applications.

6) Testing: Evaluate APIs for conformance, risks, and sensitive data exposure before pushing to production.

"Cequence is laser-focused on empowering organizations with the most robust API security solutions, and this partnership with Singularity perfectly aligns with our mission,” said Glen Maloney, ANZ Country Lead at Cequence. “This partnership is more critical than ever for the Australian market, where a defined critical infrastructure landscape and stricter compliance requirements necessitate a targeted approach.”

Cequence's UAP platform provides comprehensive discovery of the entire API attack surface, encompassing both external and internal APIs. It ensures compliance with security and governance best practices, eliminating unknown and unmitigated API security risks. The solution offers native real-time inline protection, blocking API attacks before they reach applications.

Cequence Security's UAP platform is unparalleled in addressing all phases of the API protection lifecycle. It provides:

- Discovery: A continuous API attack surface discovery management product that assesses your application footprint, offering a complete inventory of external APIs.

- Compliance: A security posture management product that identifies security risks in APIs, ensuring compliance with specifications, security test requirements, and governance best practices.

- Protection: Detects and prevents sophisticated automated API attacks and business logic abuse using advanced machine learning rules, providing real-time protection without relying on third-party components.

“Our collaboration with Cequence fills a crucial void in the API security landscape,” said Nick Blyth, Managing Director at Singularity Tech. “Often, security and delivery teams operate in silos. By combining Singularity's focus on technology implementation with Cequence's best-in-class API security solutions, we provide a unified approach that empowers clients to navigate the complexities of API security, cybersecurity and compliance effectively.”

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