CA Technologies Unveils Updates to CA Automic One Automation Platform
June 26, 2018

CA Technologies announced its new release of the CA Automic One Automation platform, a unified suite of automation products delivering intelligent automation to the enterprise.

The new release empowers Ops with new lifecycle management capabilities of automation artifacts, intelligent critical-path management and support for PostgreSQL. It also enables “shift-left” automation capabilities for developers with new automation-as-code functionality and connects automation silos through new integrations with CA Workload Automation, CA Continuous Delivery Director, and now incorporates CA Jarvis for new analytics capabilities.

Empowering IT Organizations With Powerful Automation

CA’s Automation portfolio equips IT organizations with the tools they need to move from opportunistic to systemic automation, responding to customer needs by unifying automation silos and driving automation across core business processes. The portfolio, built on a foundation of intelligent automation that supports systems to undertake more complex tasks, apply better awareness and understand the underlying business context to deliver accurate and efficient decision-making.

“adidas is committed to be the best sports company. For several years, CA Automation has helped drive agility across our core internet-based applications to offer a high level of customer service,” said Robert Lenz, solution architect for Process Automation at adidas. “The result is being able to meet customer demand, especially during busy international events - for example redesigning our retail replenishment process with CA Automation (Automic). By bridging our automation silos into one single platform with CA Automation and improving processes with automation, we have cut 95 percent of the manual efforts. CA Automation's new functionality improves our solution experience, so that we can better serve adidas business requirements as well as our customers.”

Delivering Intelligent Automation

Unlike other solutions on the market, the CA Automic One Automation platform encompasses a suite of products running on a single, unified platform. Enterprises can easily track, automate and accelerate the entire delivery process – from development to operations, through testing and release.

Updated features and benefits of CA Automic include:

- Empowering Ops For Faster Delivery: Modern intelligent automation capabilities to orchestrate Business Processes and the complete Continuous Delivery toolchain. Now, Operations can service the needs of their clients at pace, helping to speed time- to-market.

- Advanced “Shift-Left” Automation Capabilities For Developers:Automation-as-code features to enhance productivity and innovation in automating the continuous delivery toolchain. Developers can focus coding to enhance the customer experience, rather than time-consuming operational tasks.

- Connecting Automation Silos: New integrations between CA Workload Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director, plus new analytics integration with CA Jarvis. Enterprises can extend their automation policies into new areas, all while maintaining their current investments and knowledge in existing technologies.

“best-blu consulting with energy GmbH maintains a steady cadence of technology innovation in order to deliver the best consulting services possible to customers, including users of CA Automation,” said Andreas Büsching, senior automation consultant at best-blu . “Featuring the new REST API enhancements, it is easy and very fast to generate the basic code for client applications which integrate with CA Automic Workload Automation. We can use the functionality to build custom integrations and environment-specific solutions for our customers.”

CA Technologies offers a breadth of automation products from across the company, bringing the Modern Software Factory to life for accelerated business transformation and empowering modern application delivery. Seamlessly integrating with existing IT resources and systems, CA Automic One Automation enables businesses to extend the life of their current investments.

“Organization-wide automation is becoming a requirement for businesses looking to thrive in today’s data-driven digital economy,” said Ashok Reddy, Group GM of DevOps at CA Technologies. “To date, CA is the only automation provider to deliver Intelligent Automation to enable DevOps requirements of Continuous Everything to support their ongoing evolution to become modern software factories.”

CA Automic Workload Automation, CA Continuous Delivery Automation and CA Automic Service Orchestration as part of the CA Automic One Automation Platform will all be available for general shipment starting June 29, 2018.

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