CA Technologies Offers Free DevOps Assessments
December 09, 2015

To help practitioners measure DevOps maturity, CA recently launched its latest online DevOps Assessment tool. Broken up into three short surveys covering key domains of the larger DevOps ecosystem – “Develop and Test”, “Release and Deploy”, and “Manage and Monitor” – this free survey offers detailed visibility into your organization's current state of process maturity.

Related to development, perhaps your teams are already actively tracking feature request lead times; but is there an agreement between business, dev and ops regarding the performance of critical services (transaction counts, performance, uptime, etc.) necessary to meet pre-defined business goals?

In the deployment arena, you likely have systems in place to note changes in frequency; however, does your organizational structure and tooling support cross-functional teams that put greater emphasis on the processes associated with releasing new capabilities, rather than supporting individual roles?

As far as management is concerned, you're probably employing APM to ensure improved visibility, response, uptime and availability. That said, is your monitoring able to distinguish the most critical and recurrent problems, and how they impact business services – without necessitating lengthy configuration and base-lining?

The issues discussed in this blog are just a few of the specific questions encompassed by the 2016 iteration of the DevOps Assessment, updated to directly reflect the current trends that we hear about most frequently from real-world practitioners.

Perhaps the coolest element of the survey is that respondents are immediately presented with how their answers compare to those that have already completed the questionnaire. There's no waiting for some deep-dive report or heavily editorialized conclusions, or even the mandate for user registration. In terms of research, this is a model for continuous delivery.

Key metrics providing answers to important questions of DevOps maturity – how your organization compares to broader trends in adoption – await.

Click here, and take the new DevOps Assessment today!

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