BugReplay Bug Reporting Tool Now Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
January 25, 2018

BugReplay announced the availability of its flagship product of the same name as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser and an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

BugReplay enables web developers and internal software testers, as well as marketers and tech support staff, to quickly and accurately submit detailed bug reports about web applications. By creating a synchronized screen recording of a user’s actions, network traffic, JavaScript logs and other key environmental data, BugReplay reduces the time to complete the task of bug reporting, which can often take up to an hour or more, to less than a minute.

“Today, bug reporting is more important than ever as consumers are more demanding and less forgiving when it comes to the performance of website and web apps,” said BugReply co-founder and CTO Sam Kaufman. “The process of writing a truly useful bug report is long and tedious and can be very frustrating. Because modern browsers have incredibly complex diagnostic utilities built right into them, you just need a tool that can plug into the browser and record all those details whenever a user encounters a problem. This is exactly what we built BugReplay to do.”

By using BugReplay as a Chrome extension of Firefox add-on, all a user has to do is click “record” and then retrace their steps that led to the problem, click on the “record” button again to stop recording, and then click “save” to finish. BugReplay reproduces in a video clip what tech support would see if they had encountered the problem first-hand by recording multiple streams of information and then playing them back simultaneously in an integrated video player.

“We designed BugReplay for anyone who has a vested interest in a website functioning properly, especially businesses with a significant online presence,” said Kaufman. “By using BugReplay, it now takes much less time than other methods of reporting the problem while delivering all the information needed by the developer to fix the problem.”

BugReplay integrates with JIRA, GitHub and Slack and offers custom email integration that will send an email to any address after a report is created. It also integrates with Zendesk so users can attach videos to their support tickets. Users can also share their reports with anyone by creating a shareable URL. The BugReplay dashboard lists all reports made so users can easily review reports submitted by anyone within an organization.

“BugReplay makes the feedback cycles between frustrated users and development teams much smaller, and eliminates most of the time and tediousness of sending and receiving bug reports," said Kaufman. “The ability to capture detailed information about a problem when a user is first reporting an issue makes diagnosing and repairing problems much easier and much faster, which ultimately leads to more satisfaction by both customers and developers.”

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