October 18, 2023
Nate Berent-Spillson
Launch by NTT DATA

As technology leaders in established enterprises, we're trying to do what's right for the business. Here we are with very real, very unforgiving systems that are running our business today. We're afraid to touch our legacy systems because we're afraid of being in the hot seat if something the business depends on is down. It's easy to be overwhelmed. It's easy to blame the bureaucracy and it's easy to blame our predecessors ...

October 10, 2023
Pete Goldin

Everyone in IT has heard of AIOps by now. You may even be using products or features called AIOps. But what is AIOps, really? With input from industry experts — both analysts and vendors — this 10-part blog series will try to answer this question. And explore the advantages, challenges, and future of AIOps ...

September 13, 2023
Pete Goldin

"Developer enablement" tools increased productivity, but they present challenges relating to upskilling and retraining developers to use these tools, according to The next generation of developer productivity, a report authored by Mike Loukides, VP of Emerging Tech Content at O'Reilly Media ...

June 07, 2023
Jeremy Jackson
Shift Lab

There's no buzzier technology right now than ChatGPT and for good reason. Because while the hype over how blockchain was going to transform trust, financial systems and even the business of selling art has yet to materialize, ChatGPT and, more broadly, generative AI are already delivering real value. In fact, ChatGPT is already so powerful, there are many who worry that generative AI will ultimately replace creative and information workers ...

June 01, 2023
Craig Cook
Catapult CX

In 1975, computer scientist Fred Brooks observed that during software project management, adding more developers to a project that's already behind schedule just adds to delays. This became known as Brooks' law. However, it's not people power that causes delays — delaying testing increases the chance of bugs and suboptimal code quality. Therefore, one solution must be pushing testing forward. This blog offers advice on implementing a shift left approach, and the benefits of doing so ...

May 17, 2023
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

DevOps culture encompasses a set of values, practices, and expectations that focus on continuous learning and improvement through quick feedback, cross-team collaboration, openness and transparency, and high levels of empathy and trust. The DevOps approach to creating a CI/CD-driven culture is as follows ...

May 02, 2023
Pete Goldin

The majority of organizations surveyed (97%) are gaining business benefits from Kubernetes — including growth in market share and increased profits, according to The State of Kubernetes 2023 from VMware ...

March 28, 2023
Iain Straun
Celsior Technologies

Melding security into Development Operations is often confused with providing security to secure applications. There is a high level of relevancy to securing software and applications from the outside, but the focus of DevSecOps largely remains on the following ...

February 06, 2023
Charlotte Christopherson
DevOps Launchpad

There seems to be no limit to the speed at which DevOps platforms and technologies are changing. DevOps professionals not only need to keep up with all the technological change, they are also having to compete with more and more people who have acquired basic DevOps skills made possible by the rise in popularity of low-code DevOps. Professionals who are less inclined to develop their skills and advance their careers may fall behind ...

January 05, 2023
Pete Goldin

Omdia released the IT Operations Survey: 2022, and here are some of the findings related to DevOps, reported by Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst at Omdia ...

November 07, 2022
Nitin Prabhu

While new technologies might be what fuels innovation in the developer community, they depend on API-first approach to support these efforts as that's what allows for quick progress and scalability. API-first is a product and customer-centric approach to developing APIs ...

October 27, 2022
Pete Goldin

OpenTelemetry — You have probably heard of it. You may already be using parts of it. This 8-part blog series posted on APMdigest explores OpenTelemetry, with input from a range of experts on the subject ...

September 22, 2022
Helen Beal
Value Stream Management Consortium

The Value Stream Management Consortium recently released our latest annual report, The State of Value Stream Management 2022. This year's report provides the latest adoption trends in the value stream management market ...

June 23, 2022
Jayne Groll
DevOps Institute

As DevOps transformations move enterprise organizations to the cloud, Cloud AI Developer Services help elevate and advance the software development lifecycle. By definition, Cloud AI developer Services (CAIDS) are "cloud-hosted services/models that allow development teams to leverage AI models via APIs. Some of the ways that CAIDS provide support to engineering teams include ...

June 13, 2022
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri
Cigniti Technologies

Today's users want a complete digital experience when dealing with a software product or system. They are not content with the page load speeds or features alone but want the software to perform optimally in an omnichannel environment comprising multiple platforms, browsers, devices, and networks. This calls into question the role of load testing services to check whether the given software under testing can perform optimally when subjected to peak load ...


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