October 07, 2014
Gabriel Lowy

Pursuing DevOps ROI (return on investment) is compelling for organizations that adopt this approach to agile development practices. With the evolution toward cloud and mobile apps that run on converged infrastructures companies that implement DevOps processes can realize significant benefits in the three components of ROI. These include reduced costs, enhanced productivity and faster time to revenue. DevOps can also help mitigate risks, such as customer loss due to poor user experience, operational inefficiencies, and non-compliance with GRC (governance, regulatory, compliance) mandates ...

May 05, 2014
Pete Goldin

Optimizing application development and maintenance (ADM) can cut costs by more than 50 percent, according to research by Gartner ...

July 29, 2013
Larry Dragich
Auto Club Group

APM may be brought in to help resuscitate an application that has recently become lethargic or assist the team in rehabilitating an intrinsic codebase. Once the goal is attained however, the propensity to pigeonhole APM as point solution is high ...

March 20, 2013
Pete Goldin

Assessing real-world, end-user network conditions and understanding inefficient use of network resources are the top two issues facing application performance engineers in 2013, according to a new survey by Shunra Software ...


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