December 03, 2020
Tanya Vlahovic

Continuous APIfication allows businesses to interact with customers more efficiently and more frequently, while also finding new ways to create experiences that surprise and delight. In a time where companies might be looking to transform their business with APIs, it is essential to follow a consumer-centric approach, listen to feedback, iterate and strive to always do better to delight customers. Here is how to thrive with APIs in 2020 and the future ...

November 03, 2020
Mike Brittain

Remote work has been a part of the developer community for years, but when COVID struck, the world went home for the long haul. Six months later? We're doing better than expected. A lot better. In fact, my team is well-positioned to continue remote work for as long as this pandemic demands. And for me? I've become a stronger leader because of it ...

October 29, 2020
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

Think of the DevSecOps (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or CI/CD) pipeline as the highway. Think of containers as a Tesla. A logical person would never dream of having a concrete mixer work on their new Tesla. Nor would they ask their Tesla mechanic to lay the foundation for the road in front of their home. So why do some believe that Site Reliability Engineering can solve all the diverse set of challenges for DevSecOps? ...

October 28, 2020
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

The purpose of this blog series is to debunk some of the current myths created by marketing hype, lack of understanding of containers, and lack of understanding of how businesses function across DevSecOps to enable overcoming some of the common challenges that are causing failure ...

October 22, 2020
Jon Collins

Complexity kills innovation, there, I've said it. Back in the days of Waterfall methodologies, processes would be bogged down in over-specified requirements and exhausting test regimes. No wonder software development gurus looked to return to the source (sic) and adopt the JFDI approach that remains prevalent today. Trouble is, complexity never went away: it just moved along the pipeline ...

October 19, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

With superior customer experiences becoming arguably the most critical deliverable for a software development company, the traditional way of development-testing-delivery in the value chain needed a change. The result was in the form of enabling Agile and DevOps testing where development and testing are not separate silo-driven processes ...

September 30, 2020
Irina Demianchuk

In the modern software delivery landscape, success comes to those businesses that can keep up with an aggressive release schedule and respond to consumer feedback by implementing new features and fixing issues in a matter of days. The quicker the team can push new code into production, the sooner it can start bringing value. On the other hand, teams can't afford to compromise on quality — updates that make it harder to use the solution leave users frustrated and push them into the arms of competitors ...

September 16, 2020
Terry Critchley
Author of "Making It in IT"

There is a story that must be told since it uncovers an injustice visited upon a piece of IT equipment called a mainframe computer. These, like many such situations displaying bigotry and ignorance, are put forward by people who do not understand the butt of their criticism ...

September 03, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

Before releasing a software application to the end customers, it must be measured against parameters like robustness, scalability, speed, responsiveness, interoperability, throughput, and stability under different load conditions. To ensure the fulfillment of these requirements, the application should undergo performance testing under reasonable load conditions ...

August 27, 2020
Jon Collins

At its heart, cybersecurity is about either identifying, or mitigating weaknesses — a raft of vulnerability management products already exist that can scan infrastructure, network connections, software stacks, and indeed, applications and code, and can potentially recommend fixes, or even apply instrumentation and patches. Note however, that use of these tools doesn't deliver DevSecOps ...

August 26, 2020
Jon Collins

DevSecOps inserts security principles and practices into the DevOps lifecycle, squeezing security into the terminology of development and deployment with all the subtlety of a crowbar. The fact that this needs to happen deserves some exploration, not least because of what it suggests: that DevOps left in the wild, doesn't take cybersecurity into account. So, did the creators of DevOps just fall asleep in that lecture, or is something more fundamental going on? What is the relationship between cybersecurity in general and DevOps, and most importantly, what do organizations need to do about it? ...

August 18, 2020
Gigi Sayfan
Author of "Mastering Kubernetes"

There is no such thing as a zero-downtime system. All systems fail and all software systems definitely fail. Sometimes the failure is serious enough that the system or some of its services will be down. Think about zero downtime as a best-effort distributed system design. The plan for zero downtime is as follows ...

August 04, 2020
Mitch Ashley
Accelerated Strategies Group

For business leaders to justify their software investments, software teams in product organizations, in IT and externally must have a track record of quickly and reliably delivering mission-critical capabilities and features important to the business and its customers. Software must deliver the expected value in the market and internally, with the ability to course-correct based on learnings and results. Leaders must have confidence in their software organizations' ability to experiment, fail, recover from failure and then pivot quickly to deliver needed results. Software Delivery Management (SDM) provides a framework, strategy and discipline to benchmark progress, track and manage resources and ultimately deliver results ...

July 27, 2020
Jon Collins

DevOps is something that happens in pockets. Smaller, newer businesses have the benefit of a lack of scale, which means things can happen fast out of the gate. Keeping things small, against all odds, is a route to success: on one software project I was involved in, with hundreds of developers, I wished I could take ten of the people involved and hide them away. That way, I thought, they could build the product everyone else was working on, which ultimately was never delivered ...

July 23, 2020
Twain Taylor
Twain Taylor Consulting

Salesforce app development is different from the rest of the software world. This is because the Salesforce applications are tightly bound to the Salesforce platform. Salesforce app developers are keenly focused on the developments within the confines of the ecosystem. While some are happy to stick to the tried and tested, there are those developers who push the boundaries and look to adopt the best development practices from the larger world of software development. They find themselves at an interesting intersection called Salesforce DevOps, or DevOps for Salesforce ...


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