July 16, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

The success of DevOps is underpinned to a large extent on achieving continuous integration and conducting DevOps testing. Although DevOps refers to the collaboration between the Development and Operations teams, there are many misconceptions surrounding the term. Let us discuss and debunk them ...

July 14, 2020
Jon Collins

My researches into the world of development best practice have led me to two conclusions. First that there's a great deal of good stuff going on, but that can sometimes obscure missing elements that have always been necessary — hence my realization that best practice needed an overhaul. It looks like I wasn't alone, as Value Stream Management (VSM) has recently emerged as a front runner as a concept to fill the gaps. VSM essentially considers process efficiency (what's causing slowness and bottlenecks) and process effectiveness (how to ensure the results are beneficial) ...

July 13, 2020
Jon Collins

I've been spending the past couple of years looking at how to make DevOps real through best practices, supported through the use of supporting technologies running across development, through deployment and into operations. Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned so far is how many elements of development best practice have been notable by their absence ...

July 09, 2020
Nitin Bhatia

Keeping the motivation of your remote development team motivated is a challenge enough, let alone having to do that with the current reality of COVID-19. Here are a few ways to keep the team's spirit high ...

June 09, 2020
Jayne Groll
DevOps Institute

It is typical for frameworks or practices to create a body of knowledge or "BoK" upon which they and their offerings are based. In a space that is as global and fast-moving as DevOps, it has been near impossible to point to a single source as the official DevOps BoK ...

May 19, 2020
Elysia Lock

As the old adage goes, what gets measured gets done. Measurement is the key enabler to any DevOps transformation and yet it's an oft-neglected aspect of projects. Organizations struggle to get beyond the starting blocks when learning how to measure DevOps. As a result, in today's blog, I will share important DevOps metrics your team can use to get started on your journey to measuring positive change ...

May 06, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

The long winding journey of digital technologies is punctuated by the scare of cybercrime. These have sent alarm bells ringing among businesses with people brainstorming to find a way to address the threat. The aim is to stem the tide of cybercriminals attacking the systems and ensure the sustainability of applications. This has brought into sharp focus the role of QA and test automation in consonance with advanced technologies like AI in the SDLC ...

April 21, 2020
Rachel Roumeliotis
O'Reilly Media

Organizations are giving increasing attention to data quality. This doesn't come as a surprise — data is a valuable commodity that is quickly proving its worth in a growing number of cloud-native applications to make decisions about product development, how to market to customers, and more. However, for data to be beneficial, it needs to be high quality. Without high quality data, organizations run the risk of making costly decisions, or missing opportunities that make them fall behind their competitors ...

April 13, 2020
Jeffrey Palermo
Clear Measure

As your development team is working remotely and being tasked with conducting "business as usual," you need simple solutions to put into place for your newly dispersed team to ensure your team can work effectively and efficiently. It is critical that each person is set-up to have a productive work space, proper communication technology and DevOps tools ...

April 09, 2020
Glenn Gruber

Advances in GPU/TPU technology, and the development of new platforms and frameworks have enabled an explosion in AI and Machine Learning, while new platforms from Amazon, Microsoft and others have put pre-built frameworks firmly in the grasp of developers. Despite all this movement, however, we are still definitely very early in the transition to using AI to transform software development — commonly referred to as Software 2.0, or AIOps ...

March 31, 2020
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

The term "cloud" like "COVID-19" was overused and often misunderstood. Today, COVID-19 (AKA Corona Virus or SARS 2) has inundated our datacenters, offices, and lives. We face unprecedented times that will undoubtedly impact the overall work/life balance for years to come ...

March 11, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

With quality becoming the sole differentiator in delivering superior user experiences, mere shift-left testing is not sufficient. In order to present value to the customers, quality testers are moving away from a quality-driven approach to one driven by software quality engineering ...

March 05, 2020
Ramachandra Reddy Annadi

As the expansion of DevOps into DevSecOps shifts into higher gear in 2020, companies are struggling to balance the accelerated automated software development cycle with an integrated and thorough software security strategy. The key in doing so is to take DevSecOps at face value and do what the technology demands ...

February 27, 2020
Eric Thacker
System Soft Technologies

The increasing validation of outsourced application development in the eyes of IT professionals is making it a staple of their application development toolbox. And with the growth of sophisticated cloud-accessible tools, application development service vendors continue to expand their value-added capabilities to further justify IT professionals engaging them ...

February 26, 2020
Eric Thacker
System Soft Technologies

Today, enterprise users' needs and expectations are fluid and the applications built must accommodate a much wider spectrum of requirements. For organizations to effectively service their customers in this new environment in a differentiated way, they must develop and innovate around digital transformation in three separate yet interconnected areas: expertise, speed and agility ...


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