Binary Tree Partners with Monza Cloud
July 19, 2018

Binary Tree and Monza Cloud announced a partnership to help clients develop new applications more quickly in Microsoft Azure.

Specifically, Monza Cloud’s AzStudio platform will drive Binary Tree’s new Innovation Center.

Innovation has always been critical to remain competitive, but today it needs to be delivered at speed, at scale and yield business results rapidly. The Binary Tree Innovation Center will develop tangible proof-of-concepts backed by proven ideation methodology, deep Microsoft Azure Cloud knowledge and expertise while leveraging AzStudio from Monza Cloud to continue powering enterprise transformations.

AzStudio makes it easy to develop new cloud applications based on standards and best practices. Its feature-rich interface lets users quickly build applications on Azure with enhanced integrated security, visual process management, and robust extensibility.

“Monza Cloud accelerates our Azure innovation lifecycles, giving developers the tools they need to bring their ideas to life quickly and consistent,” said Vincent Fournier, Chief Innovation Officer of Binary Tree. “The efficiencies gained will ultimately improve business outcomes for our customers and partners alike.”

“Technology innovation is at the heart of Binary Tree. We have a robust history of Microsoft solutions that have accelerated digital transformation for thousands of global companies,” said Ryan Niemann, President of Microsoft Cloud Solutions, Binary Tree. “We see increasing our ability to rapidly prototype and release secure end products as a critical differentiator.”

“Like us, Binary Tree is laser focused on delivering business value to customers across the Microsoft ecosystem,” said Scott Rodgers, CEO of Monza Cloud. “Together, we will deliver a unique combination of expertise and tools to make it faster and easier to adopt the cloud, while helping organizations solve complex challenges along their digital transformation journey.”

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