Atomist Announces Spring Extension Pack for Software Delivery Machines
September 26, 2018

Atomist announced the release of its software delivery machine (SDM) extension pack for Spring.

The Atomist Spring extension pack provides an automated and customized approach to creating Spring applications by enabling developers to deliver to their chosen deployment environments, keeping up to date, and following best practice.

"I've spent my career helping developers' lives better, and the Spring community is near and dear to me. So, I'm excited to apply Atomist's unique automation capabilities to helping the daily work of Spring developers," said Rod Johnson, Atomist CEO and co-founder and creator of the Spring Framework. "The Spring extension pack is fully compatible with the open source SDM in local mode, so developers can have the full capabilities of the Spring extension pack when developing on their own laptop, a server in the cloud, or anywhere in between."

With the Spring SDM extension pack, developers can quickly and easily create new Spring Boot projects, directly in a new git repo, and easily add and experiment with Spring Boot starters. During development, projects stay consistent, using Atomist automations to upgrade Spring Boot versions, autofixes to correct known errors, and code transforms for tasks like renaming classes, moving packages, or adding Spring Boot starters.

Because all SDMs use the Atomist API for Software, Spring projects can tap into the rich context provided by Atomist to understand the code throughout its development lifecycle, all the way from transforming code locally, through commit, build, testing, and into production.

The extension pack adds Spring Boot functionality to an Atomist SDM, and includes:

- Code inspections to help projects stay in line with Spring Boot best practice, such as by removing unnecessary annotations

- Commands to add and configure Spring Boot starters, based on the Spring Guides

- Local deployment support for Spring Boot projects, using Maven or Gradle

- Support for deploying Spring Boot applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

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