Archanan Announces Beta Launch of the Archanan Development Cloud
April 30, 2019

Archanan launched a beta program.

The launch of the Archanan beta program makes the Archanan Development Cloud available for testing by supercomputing centers, enterprises, OEMs and other organizations involved with large scale computing and development.

Organizations accepted into the beta test will explore the implementation of personalized virtual test environments based on an at scale emulation of their organizations’ production system(s) in the cloud, increasing the speed of development by eliminating organizational bottlenecks that result in long queues for test systems. Additionally, beta testers will be able to use the Archanan Development Cloud to custom construct system designs to test their codes on, demonstrating Archanan’s utility in the system architecting and commissioning process.

“As high performance production systems continue to grow in scale and power, and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and IoT broaden data centers and extends compute to the edges, the development challenges that organizations face are growing with the scale of their systems,” said Alex Nodeland, CEO and Co-Founder of Archanan. “At Archanan, we believe that the virtually limitless resources available through cloud computing provides new avenues to explore for effective development practices in these ever-expanding environments. By virtualizing production systems and emulating them in the cloud, organizations are able to enact new and much more efficient ‘at scale’ development workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and the down time associated with development queues and port-over failures. The potential for significant gains in productivity combined with non-trivial reductions in TCO are well worth exploring – and only get more compelling as systems and networks increase in scale and complexity.”

Through its Archanan Development Cloud, Archanan helps organizations involved with large scale or distributed computing environments to enact productive, “at scale” development practices and create new efficient workflows that leverage the cloud for development and testing. Organizations can maximize system and organizational performance by employing a cloud-based testing environment, custom built to match the architecture of their production systems, using Archanan’s hardware-level virtualization.

Development teams using the Archanan Development Cloud are empowered to develop and test code at scale before moving their code to live production systems, virtually eliminating port-over failures which delay production roll-outs and tie up physical test environments with lengthy debugging processes. Using the Archanan Development Cloud, organizations eliminate development queues that bottleneck progress by issuing developers individual development environments to develop and test their code at scale and recommission their existing development hardware to their production systems.

“As developers on massively parallel systems ourselves, we have been very familiar with the frustrations of trying to make the code we develop on laptops and workstations scale to the level of an organization’s test system – all while trying to translate it to the even larger scale of the actual production system,” explained Lukasz Orlowski, Co-Founder and CTO at Archanan. “The launch of Archanan signifies what we think will be a lasting evolution in how code is developed and tested, leveraging the power of the cloud for emulating large scale systems. Computing is very expensive, and these costs prohibit innovation. By enabling developers to virtually construct systems and test their ideas without the impediments that physical development systems present, we aim to make developers lives easier, more creative and more productive.”

Archanan, which raised a SGD$1.2 M seed round in February 2019, currently has several partnerships in play with both OEMs and well-known supercomputing centers. With the launch of the beta, the company plans to explore engagements with organizations that have large scale production systems where teams of programmers are faced with test system queues that create development delays and stifle innovation. Archanan will work with beta partners to reproduce and emulate their production system, develop and streamline workflows, and empower development teams with customizable development environments that extend the power of their workstations and enable them to develop code at scale.

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