Aquilent Expands DevOps and Agile Practice
June 13, 2016

Aquilent has enhanced and expanded its DevOps & Agile practice to bring leading-edge Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) processes, tools, and methodologies to federal cloud customers.

This move will help enhance collaboration and increase efficiency across all projects within Aquilent’s federal customer base, as the DevOps & Agile methodology brings together different functional areas: development, operations, Quality Assurance, user experience testing, and more. Particularly relevant for federal customers, Aquilent’s approach to DevOps & Agile also offers a security team in the collaborative process. Known as DevOpsSec, this approach is an increasingly critical requirement within the federal space.

“We’ve spent many years bringing industry best practices to the government through cloud computing. We’re now doing exactly the same thing with DevOps & Agile,” said Mark Pietrasanta, CTO at Aquilent. “DevOps and DevOpsSec increase efficiency and reduce risk for our customers by helping them adapt quickly to changing needs and requirements. That’s what this is all about: driving innovation within government.”

Aquilent delivers digital services using DevOps & Agile methodologies in the cloud. The company’s years of Agile, Cloud, tools, and automation experience, coupled with its deep knowledge of government processes and challenges, makes the company uniquely qualified to provide solutions using DevOps methodologies to a broad range of federal agencies.

Aquilent’s approach ensures continuous and close collaboration between teams. As a result, critical information is shared rapidly, reviews are faster, and decisions are made more quickly, improving an agency’s ability to achieve its mission.

Aquilent’s DevOps & Agile solution includes:

- DevOps tools selection and management

- Project management services

- Creative and data strategies

- Agile development

- Infrastructure development, administration and automation

- Cloud architecture, deployment, and administration

- Build automation

- UX design and development

- Unit and system test automation

- Performance and scalability test automation

- Security and network scanning automation

- Continuous integration (CI)

- Continuous delivery and deployment (CD)

- Cross-team quality assurance testing and reporting

- Metrics collection and analysis

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