Appvance Announces Patent for AI-Driven Automatic Test Generation
February 13, 2019

Appvance announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent No: 10,204,035 entitled "SYSTEMS, METHODS AND DEVICES FOR AI-DRIVEN AUTOMATIC TEST GENERATION" which is utilized in the company's Appvance IQ product.

The patent specifically describes first-to-market innovations to automatically generate valid test scripts having limited information about a system and its users. This is Appvance's fourth issued patent.

AIQ is an AI-driven test technology designed to help engineering teams make application testing autonomous and continuous as part of their agile and DevOps cycles.

Appvance IQ's patented machine learning technologies can create legitimate data-driven scripts at the rate of 6000 unique scripts created in under 10 minutes. This is several thousand times faster than humans can write test scripts in any language or create using any other test software, with or without Artificial Intelligence.

Appvance IQ is a complete QA creation and execution system that seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, TFS, GIT, Jira and many others to execute deep continuous testing at every build and every deployment. The artificial intelligence capabilities are available today for web-based applications (and mobile web) with all modern libraries (HTML5, AJAX, Angular 1 & 2, React, KendoUI, Polymer, ShadowDOM, VueJS and more.)

Of the $80 billion spent annually on application testing, $78B is spent on people (with some $30B in offshore outsourcing), mostly for manual testing and scripting. Automation has been difficult and time consuming for decades, and test scripts often need as much maintenance as the application does. Appvance IQ disrupts this old model, rendering most scripting and manual testing obsolete, improving test coverage from an average of under 10% to near 100% in certain cases, while driving full QA time to a few hours from days or weeks.

"The issuance of this new AI patent further solidifies our technology lead in one of the most important advances in the IT industry," said Kevin Surace, CEO of Appvance. "Improving speed, productivity, coverage and costs of software QA is paramount to delivering applications to users that are updated quickly and are as bug free as possible. The breakthroughs our team has accomplished over the years are making that supposed dream a reality for our customers."

Appvance IQ is available to select enterprise-class customers through an exclusive engagement process.

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