AppNeta Releases AppMap with Automatic Architecture Discovery
December 09, 2015

AppNeta unveiled AppMap - an automated application map to combine code, host and advanced network monitoring into a single integrated view.

The new AppMap gives developers and DevOps teams a combination of application and network visibility they have never had access to before.

AppMap empowers developers and DevOps to easily determine the source of performance issues--whether they originate from the application code, the supporting host infrastructure or the networks that connect them. With AppMap, mean-time-to-issue-resolution is reduced from hours to minutes.

With AppMap, developers and DevOps teams can pierce the cloud - gaining access to the critical network insights that are obscured by cloud-based architectures.

AppMap features and benefits include:

- A complete application map showing all components, shared resources and network connections, automatically generated and updated in near real-time as the application architecture evolves. AppMap requires no additional work or configuration, saving developers and DevOps teams time and aggravation.

- A true picture of application health, across code, host and network, via integration with AppNeta’s industry-leading network performance monitoring tools - a first for the APM industry.

- Scales for complex and microservices-oriented architectures. AppMap has been designed from the ground up to handle the complexity of modern distributed architectures, allowing developers to view an application at a high level or drill into just the portion of the application that matters to them.

- Easy identification of application issues through real-time visual alerts across all services, allowing developers and DevOps teams to cut the time required to resolve issues. DevOps teams can instantly see application and network problems along with upstream impact.

"If you have an application that works across cloud services or multiple data centers, understanding network health and performance is key," said Dan Kuebrich, AppNeta CTO. “This solution automatically makes that visibility turnkey, so that in a modern, dynamic environment where code is released daily and infrastructure dynamically scales in response to load, developers, operations and IT teams have an accurate and up-to-date picture of what code is running, where it’s running and what other parts of the infrastructure with which it is interacting," said Dan Kuebrich, AppNeta CTO.

As application developers move to distributed and microservices-oriented architectures, they rely on an ever-larger set of LAN and WAN networks, meaning that network performance is increasingly critical to end-user experience. At the same time, visibility into, and control over the network that their application relies on is being further obscured from the development team. If the network is the root of the performance issue, developers and DevOps teams can drill deeper into AppNeta’s dedicated network monitoring tools and share detailed information and direct links with the IT teams responsible for the health of the network. With this integration, network alerts and base metrics can be viewed alongside code- and host-level metrics.

“AppNeta’s APM solution is now the most complete in the industry. We’ve combined code, host, real-user monitoring, synthetics and network in a single unified solution,” added Kuebrich. “This integrated approach means that DevOps and IT teams can lower the time needed to resolve application issues,” added Kuebrich.

AppNeta’s AppMap fills a critical gap and shines a light on the intersection of the code created by the developers and the hosts and infrastructure run by the DevOps teams.

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