Applitools Delivers Cypress and Storybook SDKs
October 17, 2018

Applitools announced expansion of their AI powered visual testing platform to Cypress and Storybook; two popular tools with software developers seeking to build high quality applications faster.

These new Applitools Automated Visual Testing SDKs are engineered to run visual tests instantly as developers write code, enabling them to identify visual bugs as soon as they are introduced. The result is more productive engineering teams, delivering higher-quality apps faster than ever before.

"Finding and fixing bugs at the application development stage is significantly cheaper and easier than finding and fixing those bugs during QA, or worse, in production," said Gil Sever, CEO of Applitools. "This dynamic is what's driving the industry trend of "Shift Left" and embedding testing earlier in the development lifecycle. Increasing release velocity, while maintaining software quality is a huge challenge for R&D teams. By expanding our AI powered visual testing platform to Cypress and Storybook, we provide frontend developers and test automation engineers the tools to do visual testing at the development stage, at the ultra-fast speeds needed to maintain agile and CI-CD development."

Applitools Cypress Ultra-Fast SDK empowers developers with an almost instant interactive experience allowing them to see a code's impact on the UI by headlessly running screenshots in parallel. Also, for the first time, you can use Cypress for visual testing on Firefox, mobile browsers, and Google Chrome.

Applitools Storybook SDK visually tests UI web components in parallel, without writing any test code on React, Angular or Vue, enabling ultra-fast codeless validation of massive component libraries in seconds.

"Storybook allows you to visualize your components and all their states, and Applitools allows you to do smart visual-regression testing. Using these tools together provides change detection, which will certainly be of immense value to organizations and individual developers," said Norbert de Langen, senior front-end consultant at Xebia and maintainer of Storybook.

Applitools' AI powered Application Visual Testing (AVT) technology gives frontend developers, QA analysts, test automation engineers and digital transformation executives the ability to automate the visual testing of web and mobile apps on multiple browsers, devices and screen sizes. By accelerating the testing cycle, companies can improve test coverage and increase the detection of visual bugs dramatically.

Applitools' Visual AI engine mimics the human eye and brain to avoid undetected bugs and simultaneously minimize false positive bug alerts. The technology can instantly validate entire app pages and their components, and detect layout issues on the most complex and dynamic pages. When development teams are confident that web and mobile applications are rendering properly across all browsers, devices and screen sizes, they are unleashed to push more code more quickly, and with much better quality than ever before.

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