Appdome Announces Teams and Enhanced Workflow for DevOps Continuous Integration Models
September 27, 2017

Appdome announces significant new platform features enabling a new class of mobile app integration efficiency and simplified app customization on Appdome.

Appdome for Teams allows groups within organizations to participate in Appdome’s unique mobile integration workflow and collaborate to complete mobile integration projects together.

With Appdome for Teams, enterprise users can preserve their centers of excellence in development, mobility, security and app-signing and combine efforts to deliver integrated mobile experiences to their users within agile development time frames. A new step in Appdome’s workflow, “Branding,” allows developers and enterprises to use app customization as a way of promoting use, trust and understanding among app users, ensuring the broadest adoption of the best apps for the intended use case.

“‘Teams’ is a powerful new concept that allows customers to expand the use of Appdome to all development groups and line of business (LOBs) and leverage the continuous integration and continuous delivery of DevOps with their mobile service integration and mobility strategies,” says Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “Adding a new ‘Branding’ step to our workflow simplifies the customization of enterprise-developed apps and makes it possible to brand third-party apps, maximizing the adoption of all apps used within the enterprise.”

The following new capabilities are immediately available for all Ideal Account-level customers:

- Appdome for Teams: Allow existing users to create groups and invite others to participate in mobile integration projects, working together to complete mobile integration projects. The new team architecture is social, not hierarchical, so team members can naturally assume the roles they regularly play in the enterprise and bring apps to the workplace under existing responsibilities.

For example, using Appdome for Teams, one team-mate can upload the apps needed for a group or LOB, another teammate can make the EMM or security feature selection needed to approve the app for use in the organization, another teammate can sign the newly fused application, and a third member can download the app for deployment via app stores. Appdome for Teams aims to improve productivity and efficiency, bringing the best integrated apps to users.

- Branding: Appdome users can customize the app icon, bundleID, and other elements that make each app unique and useful for its intended audience. Adding this functionality allows DevOps to easily distinguish between apps with different features and services integrated with the app. This improves transparency of feature sets and allows enterprises to make users aware of capabilities included in the app. It also allows enterprises to choose and use customization as a way of promoting use, trust and understanding among app users, ensuring the broadest adoption of the best apps for the intended use case.

“Developers and non-developer customers alike want more ways to leverage the speed and continuous service integration capabilities on Appdome and one of the ways we can do that is with Teams and Branding,” said Avi Yehuda, CTO of Appdome. “We’ve worked with some of the leading enterprise, mobile app makers and developers to make Appdome a true enhanced productivity platform for mobile integration.”

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