Aporeto Announces Zero Trust Cloud Security Solution
August 07, 2019

Aporeto announced its cloud network security solution for seamless distributed policy management across Kubernetes multi-cluster and container environments, using a unique application identity-based approach to security instead of relying on IP addresses.

Aporeto’s use of identity enables network security policies to now be managed up the stack at the application level.

Aporeto offers a turn-key enterprise SaaS solution that works well for multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments across multiple geographies at scale. All that is required for the user is to deploy an Aporeto enforcer on k8 nodes or VMs. The Aporeto solution protects the whole node and not just the PODs in a Kubernetes cluster.

With Aporeto, security is implemented at layers L3-L7 with end-to-end authentication, authorization and optional encryption for a Zero Trust security posture. The layer of enforcement is a user choice, and it allows users to balance between performance overheads and security requirements. Aporeto assigns a cryptographically signed and attested service identity to every Kubernetes POD. Security policies remain portable and persistent no matter where the POD resides.

“Helping customers tackle complex cloud security challenges, while reducing operational complexity, strengthening overall security posture and addressing scalability issues is job one at Aporeto,” said Jason Schmitt, CEO of Aporeto. “With our identity-based Zero Trust cloud security solution, we not only solve distributed policy enforcement across Kubernetes single and multi-cluster environments, but provide persistent policy management for heterogeneous infrastructure and workloads.”

Aporeto works seamlessly with other Kubernetes technologies, including all existing and cloud-native container network interface (CNI) architectures and service mesh products such as Istio. Aporeto can automatically import and apply Kubernetes network policy definitions to provide DevOps with a familiar YAML interface and backward compatibility for declaring allowed network connections, eliminating stacks of unnecessary YAML files and accelerating application deployment. Additionally, Aporeto supports all formats of Kubernetes including managed offerings such as AWS EKS, Google GKE, Microsoft Azure AKS, IBM Cloud Kubernetes, as well as private installations such as Red Hat OpenShift, kubeadm and Heptio.

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