Ansible Playbooks for FusionLayer Infinity Released
July 25, 2017

FusionLayer released a module for Ansible by RedHat.

FusionLayer Infinity now enables integration between automated Ansible Playbook workflows and the underlying network infrastructure.

To accommodate the emerging multi-cloud use cases, the new solution supports popular public cloud infrastructures as well as SDN-enabled and more traditional data center networks. DevOps will now have a REST-based access to complex network infrastructures to enable end-to-end automation.

“Application deployment across multi-cloud environments that span across public clouds and on-premise data centers is a major headache for enterprises that are developing their next-generation business infrastructures,” said Teemu Sorvisto, the Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “As Ansible has emerged as one of the most popular technologies used for IT automation and orchestration in multi-cloud environments, we decided to introduce an Ansible Playbook that seamlessly integrates with FusionLayer Infinity to simplify provisioning for release parameters and networks in these environments.”

FusionLayer Infinity centralizes the management of all enterprise networks into a single solution. This is made possible through Infinity’s REST API and ready-made connectors. Already supporting popular infrastructure solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Microsoft Azure, Nuage and VMware, Infinity instantly provisions all networks and release parameters between public clouds and on-premise data centers.

“With an increasing number of enterprises embarking on digital transformation projects, the enterprise network challenge must be resolved,” continued Teemu Sorvisto. “FusionLayer Infinity does this by bridging the network silos in hybrid and multi-vendor environments, preventing vendor lock in.”

The new Infinity module for Ansible is available now.

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