Amplitude Announces 6 New and Expanded Integrations
June 12, 2024

Amplitude announced six new and expanded integrations that make it easier for businesses to understand customer behavior and build better experiences.

Amplitude also launched a new integration portal to make developing integrations easier and faster. Technology partners can now access a range of tools and resources, including documentation, code samples, and best practices, to guide teams through necessary integration steps.

A new integration with Contentful delivers no-code testing for marketing and growth teams. The enhanced HubSpot integration helps teams deliver more effective email campaigns and better analyze campaign performance. A new WordPress plug-in ingests website data into Amplitude with just one click to power faster, data-driven website decisions. The and Moveable Ink integrations help personalize content to engage customers with the right message at the right time. The new unitQ integration gives organizations the tools to build and maintain products based on user behavior and feedback.

“We want to provide our customers with the most flexible platform on the market. This means meeting them where they are so they can get the most out of their existing investments,” said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer at Amplitude. “Our expanded partner ecosystem gives customers even more choice to integrate and extend Amplitude to meet their unique needs. Our new integration portal provides the resources teams need to easily and seamlessly build on top of our platform.”

With more than 130 total integrations available, including the recently announced Snowflake native offering, Amplitude provides customers with a wide range of choices for getting data into—and insights out of—its platform. New and expanded integrations include:

- Contentful: Contentful is an interactive content platform that turns digital content into impactful customer experiences. Web, growth, and marketing teams can run no-code tests with Amplitude Experiment and Contentful to easily improve messaging, page layouts, and calls to action without engineering support.

- HubSpot: HubSpot is a customer platform that helps companies grow their business. With an enhanced two-way integration, companies can bring user cohort data from Amplitude into HubSpot to easily tailor email campaigns or bring HubSpot data into Amplitude for deeper analysis of campaign performance.

- WordPress: WordPress is a content management platform that powers over 400 million websites. Customers can bring website data from any WordPress page into Amplitude in just one click. With this new free plug-in, web and marketing teams can quickly gain insights into user behavior to boost engagement and increase conversion rates.

- Movable Ink: Movable Ink uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop creative content for every customer touchpoint. Send data from Amplitude to Moveable Ink to automatically generate custom marketing content tailored to each user's preferences.

- is a marketing automation platform that leverages AI to unlock growth for product-led companies. With data from Amplitude, teams can use the integration to deliver hyper-personalized content that drives higher activation and adoption.

- unitQ: unitQ builds AI solutions to help companies better understand and take action on user feedback. With the new unitQ integration, teams can uncover behavioral insights alongside customer feedback channels to improve onboarding, A/B testing, feature road mapping, and more.

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