Alcide Release Next Version of Platform
February 28, 2019

Alcide announced a major platform update, empowering DevSecOps teams to continuously secure and protect their multi-cluster Kubernetes and Istio deployments while unifying different clusters into a single security incident stream.

Alcide also enhanced its machine-learning, behavioral-based anomaly detection by complementing its unified security policies with advanced network attack detection and insider threats.

The new release provides a centralized security solution for Kubernetes network, workload and service mesh visible through a consolidated view of infrastructure and apps in real time, thus accelerating the identification of threats and mitigation.

With Alcide, cloud-native application developers can embed security policies early on, as part of their CI/CD pipeline, while Ops and Sec teams can continuously monitor and secure their K8s and Istio deployments with unified, automated security policies. The new capabilities enable Ops and Sec teams to automatically pinpoint common security vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations of the Istio mesh based on Istio’s security best practices or discover excessive network policies permissions set by DevOps in the ConfigMap. These automated, intelligent security features ensure the smooth operation of business apps while protecting cloud deployments from malicious attacks. Alcide’s comprehensive cloud-native security platform is now also available on Google’s Cloud Platform Marketplace.

The new version of Alcide’s cloud-native security platform delivers the following expanded capabilities:

- Extended attack detection coverage which now includes Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-based malware detection, and machine learning-driven peer container analysis. Container peer analysis establishes each microservices normal behavior based on both its own historical activity, as well as its fellow replicas, for better, faster container and services diagnostics and troubleshooting, such as quickly discovering a misbehaved container.

- Smart Threat Manager Alerting enables Ops and Sec to intelligently search, find and export threat alerts into operational management platform of choice.

- Endpoint Embedded Policies Embedding the policy directly onto the workload to allow effective runtime micro-segmentation whenever and wherever the workload is deployed.

- Alcide is now available on Google’s Cloud Platform Marketplace. Customers running on GKE can now slash the time to secure new clusters with easy, fast and secure Alcide deployment.

“As cloud-native and Kubernetes technologies adoption increases, so does the need for frictionless support of the deployment pipeline, coupled with advanced microservices firewall capabilities, based on the very principles of DevSecOps,” said Gadi Naor, co-founder, and CTO of Alcide. “Building on our mission to empower DevSecOps to protect and continuously secure their growing Kubernetes investment, we give these teams the ability to deploy with confidence and intelligently diagnose anomalies and threats before they can disrupt the business.”

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