IT Revolution Announces Fifth Anniversary Edition of "The Phoenix Project"
February 07, 2018

IT Revolution announced the fifth anniversary edition of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win and the release of a new audiobook, Beyond The Phoenix Project.

In celebration, IT Revolution is hosting a live event featuring a reading of Beyond The Phoenix Project with author Gene Kim and The DevOps Handbook co-author, John Willis. The event, Beyond The Phoenix Project LIVE will take place February 27 at the Portland Art Museum.

Gene Kim said: "We not only wanted to celebrate the success of DevOps as a movement, but also celebrate with everyone who is helping elevate the state of technology work, help our organizations win the in the marketplace, as well as make technology work more humane. It has been an amazing journey to see where DevOps came from, the domains of knowledge it draws upon, and how books are often at the center of it all."

The Phoenix Project is a novel that guides readers through a DevOps journey to help propel their teams into the future of IT. As the book surpasses its fifth year milestone, IT Revolution is celebrating a number of significant achievements, including:

- More than 400,000 copies sold worldwide

- Sales of the book continue to increase year over year

- The book is now translated into seven different languages - Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, Chinese, Polish and Turkish

- Parts Unlimited, the fictitious company in The Phoenix Project, and its characters are used in the official Microsoft DevOps training

- The book has been adapted into a tabletop simulation by GamingWorks

The fifth anniversary edition will be available at all major book retailers on February 27. It includes a new cover, an afterward and a significant portion of The DevOps Handbook.

The new audiobook titled, Beyond The Phoenix Project will be released on February 27 on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Gene Kim and John Willis present this seven part series that includes an oral history of the DevOps movement, as well as discussion around pivotal figures and philosophies that DevOps draws upon, from Goldratt to Deming; from Lean to Safety Culture to Learning Organizations. The audiobook is a great way for listeners to take an even deeper dive into topics relevant to DevOps and leading technology organizations.

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