IT Revolution Announces DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2017 Agenda
September 19, 2017

IT Revolution announced that the schedule is now live for the DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco (DOES17), the premier industry conference for leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps in the US. The event, hosted by IT Revolution and founding partner, Electric Cloud, takes place November 13–15, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Select speakers have been added that represent large Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries — financial services to retail to entertainment to military/defense and more — who will discuss best practices, challenges and ways to overcome them, along with a myriad of experience reports on DevOps in the enterprise.

In addition, for a limited time (until October 3), participants can receive 10 percent off their registration using the code: DEEPDIVE10.

An Agenda Full of Top DevOps Experts

This year's program offers a blend of incredible minds comprising of executives, managers, consultants, analysts and practitioners who will present on various real-world topics around DevOps. Speakers who will be presenting include:

- John Allspaw, (former) CTO, Etsy

- Chad Avery, Director, Enterprise DevOps Program, and Lee Barnett, Director, Automation, American Express

- Jennifer Brady, Technology Governance Director, and Tapabrata "Topo" Pal, Director, Engineering Fellow, Capital One

- Andy Burgin, Lead DevOps Engineer, Sky Betting & Gaming

- Ross Clanton, Director/Fellow, Technology Transformation, Verizon

- Ray Finn, Director Site Reliability, and, Arun Singh, Director Customer Advocacy, Salesforce

- Nicole Forsgren, CEO, DevOps Research and Assessment

- Denise Nelsen, Senior Vice President—Operations Services & U.S. Alignment,, and Robert Dellinger, DDirector, POS Application Development, Starbucks

- Jonathan Smart, Head of Development Services, Barclays

A Deep Dive Into DevOps

The goal for this year's conference is to deliver rich, in-depth lessons in the top areas of interest most expressed by the DevOps Enterprise community: Getting Business Buy-In; Security & Compliance; Ops & Next-Generation Leadership; Architecture; Technology for Technology Leaders; and Experience Reports.

"As DevOps continues to make inroads into organizations across the globe, these are the areas of greatest interest to the community in achieving DevOps success," explained Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution and co-author of The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook. "We have built a deep program around these key topics with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Our goal is to offer attendees clear takeaways on how to address and implement positive change for DevOps success within their own organizations."

Several additions also have been made to this year's program in line with the theme "Deep Dive Into DevOps." They include:

- Introduction of Ignite Talks – seven of these discussions will take place where speakers have five minutes to present on a particular topic in an open forum session

- Bringing back workshops (there will be three), which were very popular last year, for more in-depth learning and to dive deeper into topics that require more time

- The addition of three speaker Q&A sessions – attendees can ask their most pressing questions witth selected speakers after their talks and glean more insights

- Free books – copies of ITT Revolution's latest additions to its publishing library will be offered, including signed copies of Mark Schwartz's "A Seat At The Table" and Dominica DeGrandis' "Making Work Visible"

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