CA Technologies Introduces New Agile Management Solutions
June 06, 2017

CA Technologies announced new capabilities across its Agile Management portfolio for a clear and connected view of work in progress and available resources to align and execute on strategy.

The solutions help fuel business agility with:

- The latest release of CA’s market-leading Project & Portfolio solution (CA PPM) gives greater insights into current and future resource planning as well as increased functionality for team collaboration.

- New features for teams in CA Agile Central that ensure team work is clearly aligned to company objectives to allow employees to see how they contribute to top line growth.

- Additional integrations across CA’s vast product portfolio that allow organizations to leverage the funding, investment and planning capabilities of CA PPM with visibility into what is being delivered via CA Agile Central, so that companies can make better, fact-based decisions.

CA PPM Offers Ability to Anticipate and Plan Team Resources with Industry-First Telescoping

A recognized PPM solutions provider, CA Technologies was named a leader for its PPM solution in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide. The latest CA PPM solution offers the industry’s first telescoping capability to more easily manage time scales within a single view. Resource managers can better anticipate and plan for future demand of resources while project coordinators have more visibility to better manage and staff current projects. Additionally, new functionality includes built-in conversations to encourage collaboration, while pinning and filtering capabilities make it easy for users to isolate specific resource allocation problems and staffing conflicts.

CA Agile Central Team Board Gives Autonomy to Teams, and Visibility to the Business

CA Agile Central’s unique capability, Team Board, bridges the gap between team-level autonomy and company strategy with an unprecedented level of process flexibility, supporting Scrum and Kanban at the team level, while ensuring visibility and alignment to business strategy.

“Success in today’s fast-paced and quickly changing market requires empowered teams that can easily align their work with overall business strategy. For success at scale, the solutions and tools teams use need to be intuitive, flexible and powerful – and need to support modern ways of working, not slow them down,” said Angela Tucci, GM, Agile Management, CA Technologies. “To help companies adapt and win, CA’s Agile Management solutions give business stakeholders clear visibility into the execution and delivery of business plans and financial investments, while also supporting the practices used by today’s teams.”

Identify, Define and Prioritize the Most Important Work with Agile + PPM

Driving increased visibility into strategic business decisions and work in process, CA PPM has expanded integrations with CA Agile Central to offer customers a 360 degree view of all work being delivered from agile and traditional teams across the enterprise. These new integrations enable:

- Unified Portfolio Funding Approval: Integrate all work into a unified funding portfolio. Gain visibility into spend on all activities across traditional and agile teams.

- Flexible Backlog Management: Maintain feature backlog in Agile for internal teams or in PPM for customer scope controlled contracts.

- Unified People Planning: Add new team members from CA Agile Central to the project staffing to provide enterprise visibility into all work.

- Simplified Cost Management: Single time management solution for Agile Central and CA PPM. Combined with a unique time template for finance to classify work without burdening teams with complex rules or audit requirements.

CA continues to help companies build applications faster by providing integrated solutions across its Agile Management and Continuous Delivery portfolios. The PPM and CA Agile Central enhancements released today, when combined with the existing CA Agile Central and Continuous Delivery integrated solutions, ensure that customers are able to plan, manage, build and deliver the right products at the right time, tying strategy to delivery, accelerating time to market and allowing rapid response to market changes.

CA’s Agile Management solutions are being shown at the Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit 2017, June 5-7 in Orlando, Florida and June 12-13 in London, England. Click here for more information on CA Agile Management solutions or visit CA at Booth #30 in Orlando, and Booth #P2 in London.

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